Stock Preparation line

Guoxin Aixier Technology Co., Ltd.

Collaborating with most experienced Engineering institutions we design and supply complete plants from pulping to PM Screen, including sludge/reject treatment and water treatment. A deep knowledge of individual equipment manufacturers allows us to design and develop plants for all recycled paper types and integrate machines professionally for the entire processing system. We never depend on one manufacturer to supply the whole line, because we know that each part in the plant has professional manufacturer, so under our engineering consultation we choose the best brand for each part in the plant.

Following Engineering Consultation, we choose top quality equipment brands according to each section of the stock preparation line

    • Pulping

    • Cleaning

    • Screening

    • Deinking

    • Thickening

    • Reject handling

    • Broke systems

Each part in the line has its professional makers

we cut it short to the most cost-effective way.