About Quality Masters

We are group of companies, specialized in serving all paper mill needs in Egypt and Middle East, through our reliable partners, “Yuandu paper machinery co.” located in Shandong, China., and “Maria Roboter Co.” located in Verden, Germany, as we connect East Asian, Middle East, and Europe paper markets.

We do complete paper mill projects in professional way, under consultation our Engineering institution in China with experience more than 30 years in paper making industry, in addition to our sole collaboration with biggest paper machine and stock preparation equipment manufacturers all over China.

Our Mission

We focus mainly on developing the industry itself in targeted markets, in terms of fixing scientific base for (upgrading current mills Or establishing new mills) based on quality of Engineering and quality of choosing main suppliers and sub suppliers for each part of the mill, avoiding wasting investor’s invests.

Our Vision

Developing additional industrial expansion to serve paper mills locally in our targeted markets, to save cost and shipping time for spare parts and some services.


Why us

  • The group members experience in paper industry field, technically and commercially, and our references around Middle East, East Asia, and Europe.
  • Not only the equipment and materials quality, but also Timing quality which reflect on fastest:
  •                                    Technical and financial proposals.
  •                                    Delivery
  •                                    After sale services
  • Our customer’s factory is our Responsibility to care it, and work for it’s good as a priority- which’s main part of our group Culture, so we give real guarantee against manufacturing defects and manufacturer’s mistakes- if there’s any.
  • Professional Services, before – within – After sales services.
  • Our Suppliers network around three Continents, allows us to be professional One Stop Service center for all paper mill’s needs.

Our Culture

  • Quality is our main principle: (Company’s employee’s life quality – Products, Service’s Quality – Timing Quality)

  • Honesty dealing with customers, suppliers, and internal QM community.

  • To Develop company community, and training programs inside and outside Egypt, is a main right.

  • To Develop Paper Industry in developing markets, and to provide customers with necessary information for establishing/upgrading their mills, in professional way without making other’s mistakes.

  • Company Environment is free from any political, or religious discussions.